Sand plant

• Best mixing quality
• Binder dosing accuracy
• Quality process control


• Machine types: Horizontal, Vertical, Horizontal&Vertical, Core removal via upper or lower ejection
• From 15 litres to 2000 litres
• Multi process: Inorganic, Cold box, Hot Box
• Single or multiple shoot heads(sleeve free)
• Suitable for working with core boxes up to 6 moving parts
• Gassing head with integrated ejection and tamping plate
• No sand fluidization
• Fastest cycle time
• Continuous clamping and no core box movement during the entire blow and cure cycle

Loramendi equipment


• High-performance machine for 24-hour/7 continuous operation
• Blow plate and blowing head cleaning tray(Loramendi patent)
• Heavy duty and robust design, low maintenance design
• User friendly control system with automatic fault diagnostics
• Progessive lubrication system
• Automatic core box change
• Core box cleaning station

Loramendi patents