This year, we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary of the establishment of Loramendi in China, after contributing to the China foundry industry more than 35 years of project experience. Our local team has gathered to celebrate it at the 19th China International Foundry Expo (Metal China) in Shanghai.

Loramendi & Aurrenak Group, who have turned into one Team in 2005, have a long path in the Chinese market. Loramendi & Aurrenak are part of the Mondragon Group, a cooperative organisation, and have been global leaders in the foundry world for 50 years. As worldwide Turnkey projects leader, the company has provided more than 500 sets of core  making equipment’s with outstanding quality. Our booth became one of the most visited among the manufacturers at the exhibition, having attended most of our customers, OEMs and TIER1 of the foundry industry.

Our commitment of cooperation by providing the best service leads us to be the ideal partner for the customer business. Loramendi and Aurrenak’s cutting-edge technology, combined Knowledge and wide foundry solutions portfolio always adapt the end user’s requirements. Our experience in core making, tooling for every technology and process has turned us into the path of digitalization, interconnection, and environmentally friendly solutions. Loramendi & Aurrenak are leading references worldwide providing solutions in areas like electrification (electric motor) and in green technologies, such as inorganic process and E-VMM (Electric Vertical Mouding Machine).

During the exhibition we have showed to the public our wide range of products including our latest high performance inorganic process equipment and tooling and our ICP™ (Industrialization of  Core Printing) 3D printing technology for mass production.