Loramendi & Aurrenak is pleased to announce a significant milestone in its partnership with Aqua Group. The collaboration has resulted in the acquisition of a new project, following a successful signing at the IFEX exhibition in India.

The new project, represents a strategic alliance between Loramendi & Aurrenak and Aqua Group, aiming to develop a tooled-up solutions at the Aquasub Engineering Plant located in Coimbatore.

Furthermore, the partnership has led to the establishment of a new production line specifically dedicated to meet Aqua Group’s needs. This signifies a pivotal step forward in the commitment to enhancing production capabilities and providing tailored solutions for Aqua Group.

Loramendi & Aurrenak India, situated in Pune, has been actively engaged with the Indian market for over 15 years. This extensive experience positions Loramendi & Aurrenak as a reliable partner, expert in understanding the unique dynamics and challenges of the Indian foundry industry.